Hello there and welcome to Kaleidoscope Entertainment! We are a 501(c)3 entertainment company that provides quality events and performances to the community BY members of the community. Our company prides itself on celebrating diversity and embracing people from all walks of life. We aim to provide an outlet where those with passion and talent can express their gifts and awaken their creative spirit. 

Our company believes in the arts and the impact it has within our community. It is our mission to continue bringing diversity, quality, opportunity, and entertainment to Chattanooga and the surrounding area. The idea for the name "Kaleidoscope Entertainment" was inspired by the classic kaleidoscope itself. When looking into a kaleidoscope you see a beautiful image comprised of many small pieces. Each piece is beautiful in its own right and works towards making the big picture that much more breathtaking; the idea is the same for our company. We want to take the unique people in our community and join them together to create a larger picture. In order for our vision to come to life, we need all kinds of people - all kinds of unique pieces - to come together. It is my personal vision, as well as the vision of our organization, to unify the community and revolutionize entertainment in our area.  

Please "like" our Facebook page, follow us on our other social media outlets and stay tuned for opportunities to get involved with our organization and to see our entertainers in action at our upcoming events. We are always looking for new talent and for new sponsors! If you are interested in either or would like more info on our organization, please email me

I look forward to seeing each of you around town and meeting with you personally.  Thank you for visiting our website! 

- Jaimie Derigiotis CEO/ Founder of KE 

"Passion. Creativity. Diversity. Creating a kaleidoscope community, one piece at a time."